Friday, February 14, 2014

Braised Goat Shoulder with a Potato Croquette

What we have here is goat shoulder meat that was braised.  I deeply roasted the goat meat in my braiser under the low setting of my broiler.  It took about a half an hour of time to develop a good amount of caramelization.

I set the meat aside and in the same pan I started roasting the garlic (on the stovetop with slow-medium heat) with some curry powder, cumin, cayenne, cinnamon and red pepper flakes.  I did this in order to toast the spices and roast the garlic.  Doing this gave off a very pleasant Indian-esque aroma.  Definitely somewhere past Tora Bora.  Or maybe 52nd Street.

It created a perfect environment for my mirepoix (a mixture of onion, carrot and celery), which I added next. I slowly sweated out the mirepoix for about ten minutes or so using medium-high heat.  I added a can of tomato paste and continued to sweat and caramelize the vegetable, periodically deglazing with some white wine.  I also added a small amount of flour at this point and continued to toasted and caramelize the mixture.

After about 45 minutes of this flavor foreplay, I added the goat meat back into the braiser and covered everything with water (swimming, not scuba diving).  I brought this to a boil, put the lid back on the braiser and put it in the oven for three hours at 325 degrees.  This isn't an exact time.  You could do a longer braise at a lower temperature if you have the time.  You could start the braise and then watch Dances with Wolves!

I served my braised goat meat with a potato croquette I had made of some leftover potatoes, two eggs, some Parmesan cheese, scallions, salt and pepper.  This could really go with any starch though.  You could make some pasta with this or maybe even serve it with a baguette.  I served mine with a little raw radish and celery leaf.  It added some bite and freshness in a very slow cooked dish.  It's kind of like a french style braise with some Middle Eastern/Indian flair with the lamb and spices.

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